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muchtvsocfic's Journal

Welcome to the Shiny Orange Snowglobe

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Welcome to The Shiny Orange Snowglobe...where everything is sparkly and glossy and brain candy.

Where the word overanalyzes is a crime and all plot gaps of The OC are overlooked because, well, The O.C. is a silly little TV soap opera and harmless escapism and doesn't need to be anything else but flowers and rainbows and pretty people doing ridonkerlously implausible things.

Put on your rose-colored glasses and step in.

My Big Damn Table of The O.C. Fandom

Thanks to brandy for helping me set it up and fanfic 100 for the concept.

001.Sandy 002.velvet 003.Julie 004.shiny
005.frosty 006.burn 007.perspective 008.imbalance
009.moonlight 010.random ouch 011.blurple 012.sea
013.kiwi 014.Seth 015.philosophy 016.daze
017.vapor 018. impenetrable 019.Ryan 020.slash
021.rent 022.secret 023.startle 024.interruption
025.garden 026.juvenile 027.mist 028.Kirsten
029.stalker 030.shadow 031.dusk 032.drifting
033.ghostwhite 034.alley 035.wine 036.images
037.Taylor 038.finish 039.dual 040.violence
041.six 042.comparison 043.withdrawal 044.The Valley
045.cough 046.Marissa 047.dust 048.proof
049.haze 050.kiss 051.drama 052.Sophie
053.huh? 054.Summer 055.three 056.drug
057.reader's pick 058.reader's pick 059.reader's pick 060.reader's pick